School is in Session

This summer I was curious about what seemed to be a higher turnover rate in education. In the past, most teachers remained with a school district for 20 plus years. Nowadays it seems as if a teacher moves to a new district every 3-5 years or leave the profession all together. Of course, I posted my question on Next-Door and even asked a couple of teachers face to face. As with most professions, the reasons why teachers left varied. There were some teachers who sought higher pay, some felt as if their work was not appreciated and some retired after 20 plus years of teaching.

Now that the students are back in school, we have taken the time to meet with our children’s teachers. Some of the teachers are first year educators, some are new to the district and others have been at NCISD for a while. Regardless of their tenure with the school, what is important is that for 2018-2019, these are the people who will spend on average 40 hours per week with our children. We want to build a partnership with them for the sake of our children. Thus, school is in session for all of us.