Reading, Writing, Math in the Summer ?!?!

As we come into the month of July, we are emphasizing to our children about getting back into their workbooks so that they can be ready for the beginning of the new school year.  Of course they are not excited and swear that we are 'hurting' their summer vibe.  So we find ways to cater to their strengths.  One child enjoys math, the other enjoys reading and the third is captivated by video games.  As parents our philosophy differs on how to get them engaged in their learning.  I believe in schedules and their father believes in providing options.  However, in the end it will depend upon the child and their desires and wants to learn more.  Our reader averages 3-4 books per week; our future professional soccer player, is working on understanding algebra as she prepares to enter the 6th grade; and, our oldest is checking out the latest clothes for the new school year.  So yes we make plans for the summer reading, writing and math, but as they get older we appreciate any efforts that they put forth to stay academically prepared.  Check out this book series, it is really good.