School Board Run

Last night, I lost for the second time trying to run for the NCISD School Board of Trustees. It was in 2016, that I decided to run for the board after hearing that our school’s 7th grade soccer team would not be able to play their last game for the season because the other middle school lost several of their players to the ‘no pass, no play’. I fully understand the Perot’s No Pass, No Play rule for it was initiated when I was in middle school many, many years ago. But what I did not understand is that when the school has progress report 1 and progress report 2 grades prior to the actual report card period, how do these kids fail? So in 2017, I ran for the school board with the focus being on open and effective communication with the parents and the school district, trying to have alternative programs in the schools such as AVID and/or community in schools, continuing to exceed state expectations of our students, teachers and administrators, and receiving top recognition as a district. For that race, I garnered approximately 1/3 of the votes and lost to a returning school board member who had lost the year before. For 2018, I decided to run again and this year I was excited because each incumbent had an opponent and would not be running unopposed. This is great for the district because it demonstrates that others do want to be involved with their community as it relates to the children. Since we had received the A-F grade scoring from the state and we had one of the lowest scores in the area (overall rating 76%), my focus remained the same with more specifics. The focus was to have open communications with the board and the parents and to assist parents in knowing how to advocate for their child within the school district, figure out ways to allow teachers to teach based on the skills they acquired when the graduated from college instead of going into a school districts and learning to teach students to the test and most importantly holding administration accountable for the A-F grading considering the overall C grade received from the state (please note that this C is based on a curve because Infinity Early College High School scored a 94%). Again, I garnered approximately 1/3 of the votes and lost to the incumbent. The other 2 positions were won by newcomers. Maybe the school board is not for me, but there is an arena that is available for parents and educators such as myself, I just need to find it. For those parents who voted for me, I thank you and please know that to be an advocate for your child, to encourage those teachers who do an excellent job with your children and to hold the administrators accountable for how well the district does are all important and can be done easily. May our new board be successful in the upcoming year.