As I was running for the NCISD Board of Trustees, I made it a point to go into the communities and speak to the people.  My family, friends and I would be at the East Montgomery Courthouse for early voting and at the polling locations speaking to people. The  conversations varied from the weather to why  people home school rather than send their children to public schools.  The conversations focused on individuals who are on the board for the sake of the children and those on the board for the sake of their business.  It was quite interesting.  The adventure continued as I would speak with parents who highly praised NCISD and others who felt as if NCISD was failing their children.  The best part about this adventure is the realization of community efforts to improve one's school district  still begins at home:  when parents are involved with the education of their children.  Thanks to the 1,358 residents who did vote in the election and the 1/3 of those who voted for me.