Holiday Season: Communications and Electronics

Within 48 hours many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends; yet, since Monday (11/20/17) students have been home for the holidays.  This is a time to talk to your children about school, the meaning of the holidays, how was their day (especially if you are still working).  If they have primarily watched TV all day, SnapChat with friends or played video games, then ask them about that.  Of course the conversation may be minimal depending on the age of your student with answers like "Yeah, it was OK", "Nothing much" or "Uh-uh", but the fact that you are speaking to them provides an acknowledgement that will be appreciated years later. On the other hand, you may have the students who provides every detail of the day with slight repeats, as parents though, each word they say will be new (smile).  In October 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced recommendations for media time and provided a tool specific to children based on their sleep, daily activities, school, meals etc.  It is known as the Family Media Plan.  The benefit of this plan is that it accounts for family time and for most this is the time when we talk to each other without the smart phones in our hands.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.