College Football Overtimes

In today's college football, there is no tie.  Either a team wins or loses and this is determined by overtimes (OTs).  Thus far the University of Texas at Austin football team has had 2 OT games.  They lost one and won the other.  Then today, University of Buffalo versus Western Michigan was the 4th college football game to go to 7 OTs with the University of Buffalo having the most points ever scored by a losing team (68 points).  So what does this have to do with a candidate running for the School Board of Trustees one may ask?  Not much.  What it does deal with is knowing that  sometimes in the real world, we still have winners and losers and everything does not end in a tie.  As we think about the New Caney Independent School District, we should begin thinking that when we do review standardized test scores, review the accountability scores from Texas and emphasize the direct link with attendance and grades, we want all of our students to come out as winners.  We want them to be able to move to the next grade level being confident and the teachers knowing that their peers have prepared the child for the next step.  When this is done, the students, staff and parents realize that realistically there is no tie.  However, unlike football, their are no losers.  There are children who may require a different way of learning or being taught.  There are children who may not be able to focus at school because of other concerns at home.  There are children who just may not quite understand what the teacher is expecting.  These children require guidance so that they will WIN on their level.  So yes, there are winners and losers; however, our school should be comprised of all winners.