Foundation High School Program--Porter HS Was Already There

In 2013, the Texas Legislature established the new Foundation High School Program and this year 2017-2018, the students who graduate from high school will do so with an endorsement.  The endorsements that maybe selected are: STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), business and industry, public services, arts & humanities or multidisciplinary studies.  However, did you know that when Porter High School opened in 2010, they had already begun gearing students towards endorsements?

Porter HS students were offered degree plans to be in the House of Engineering and Agriculture, House of Business and Criminal Justice, and House of the Arts and Humanities.  This was a high school that was preparing their students/our children to obtain a higher education while preparing for the workforce.  It is a high school that helps them to take advanced placement courses for higher education in schools and colleges of engineering or prepare them to become a firefighter.

So the plan was there already.  Now, as the school district continues to grow and more families move into the area, all of our schools should get a ranking from the US News and World Report Best Schools  (as of 2017, Porter and New Caney High School are unranked, Infinity Early College High School is recognized in the Texas and National rankings with a bronze medal whereas our neighbors Kingwood High School Ranks 118 out of the Texas Schools and 1003 in the National rankings with a silver medal and Kingwood Park High School is unranked).  

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